Maine Salmon Fishing on East Grand Lake

Salmon Fishing On East Grand Lake

Salmon Fishing On East Grand Lake

East Grand Lake in Maine is well known for it’s landlocked salmon fishing.

East Grand Lake provides one of the best salmon fishing in Maine.

East Grand Lake is 22 miles long and has a lot to offer when it comes to salmon fishing. The clean, quality water, rocky coves, sandy bottom, abundance of smaller feed fish in East Grand Lake make for ideal salmon fishing. In other words, you are guaranteed to find an abundant supply of salmon to catch Trophy sized salmon can be caught on East Grand Lake year round.

 During the past few years, East Grand Lake has produced many salmon weighing more than eight pounds. Catching 15 to 30 salmon in a day’s fishing, is not uncommon for East Grand Lake.

The salmon fishing season in Maine starts in late April and lasts until June. However, during the summer when the water is warmer, particularly in the months of July and August, salmon tend to go much deeper into the lake as they prefer colder water.  The preferred salmon fishing technique during these months is drift fishing, in which you use a lead core line or downriggers.

Salmon is the common name for Salmonidae. Several other fish in the family are called trout. The difference is said to be that salmon migrate and trout are resident.

Landlocked Salmon

Typically, salmon are anadromous: they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. However, there are populations of several species that are restricted to fresh water through their life. These are know as Landlocked Salmon.

Spring Salmon Fishing on East Grand Lake

Spring is the easiest time of year to catch a landlocked salmon. In the begriming of Spring the water temperature in East Grand Lake is the same and the fish can be found at different the depths, as well on top of the water. Just dragging a streamer fly on a fly rod behind a boat can catch many salmon.

In Spring the brightness of sunlight affect the salmon more than anything else. Salmon do not dilate their eyes, so brighter days may cause the Salmon to seek dimmer water.

 Spring brings migratory runs of smelt into East Grand Lake to spawn. Salmon will follow smelt into the coves around East Grand Lake.

The two most popular methods for catching salmon in the spring on East Grand Lake are live bait and trolling with streamer flies.

Salmon Fishing Tips

  •  Water temperatures near 55 degrees are deal for salmon
  • Fishing for salmon on overcast and cloudy days
  • Troll for salmon on choppy water top
  •  Use your fish finder to locate schools of smelts which the salmon will be following
  • Salmon like the turbulence of the boat, place a lure right in the boat’s wake
  • Troll for salmon with different patterns like a zig-zag or S motion
  • Vary your trolling speeds
  • Change lure distance behind the downrigger
  •  On sunny days use lighter colored lures
  •  On cloudy days, use darker colored lures
  •  Troll for salmon away from the sun, when you can
  •  Match your lures to the size and color of the feed fish in the lake
  •  Bow to a jumping salmon so not to tear it’s mouth
  •  Troll for salmon deeper during mid day then at dusk and dawn

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