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East Grand Lake, Maine campgrounds & camp rentals

 The camps & campgrounds around East Grand Lake, Maine are a great way for families to spend quality time together, while enjoying the beautiful East Grand Lake scenery & fresh air.  The wildlife is abundant & provides a way for vacationers to get back in touch with nature.  East Grand Lake is well-known for being one of the most spectacular vacation spots in Maine & New England, because of it’s natural beauty, pristine lakes & vast, adulterated wilderness.

 Year-round recreational activities, including ATV riding, snowmobiling, boating, phenomenal fishing for any of the 24 plentiful fish-species; including, small-mouth bass, trout, & land-locked salmon.  Bird-watchers will find that they can view a large array of species such as the blue heron, several types of eagles & hawks, as well as multiple varieties of the many songbirds that choose to inhabit this area.  Also very popular & thought by many to be an essential part of a vacation experience in Maine is having the opportunity to see a moose.  Most times moose sightings occur randomly, since moose can often be found feeding right along the side of a road or in a bog off in the distance. However, due to the popularity of this activity, Moose Watching  tours are now being offered at many campgrounds…  & camp rental locations; in the East Grand Lake area.  By joining one of these tours, your chances of seeing a moose are very good; due to the fact that the guides are very knowledgeable about the whereabouts & habits of these majestic animals. 

 Maine has an extensive registered guide service, with approximately 4,000 currently registered & licensed Maine guides. Maine Guides offer their expertise about hunting, fishing, recreation, etc; having to pass certifications in order to obtain their Maine Guide’s License & be registered as a ‘Maine Guide’.  For more information on the history, qualifications, as well as resources for becoming a Maine Guide… Check out our “Maine Guides” section.

East Grand Lake Summer Camps & Campgrounds   

When you think of camping…most everyone associates summertime with being in Maine. Although camping has traditionally been thought of only for that time of year, late spring & fall have also become popular times for this activity. Whether it’s ATV riding, tenting, RV-ing, being in cabins, or sleeping out ‘under the stars’… the East Grand Lake area has lots to offer visitors who enjoy this type of recreation. Summer camps are a great way for children & youth to spend weeks or their entire summer, enjoying the many activities they offer. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, archery, swimming, sailing, canoeing & kayaking…to name a few, make a summer a fun & exciting adventure, as well as being a learning experience, gaining skills in coordination & endurance, and is socially & intellectually stimulating. Check out our “East Grand Lake Businesses” section, to find a list of East Grand Lake camps & campgrounds.

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