Maine Waterfront Properties

East Grand Lake Waterfront

East Grand Lake, Maine is the ultimate, in my opinion, location; for year round enjoyment of the great outdoors. It is surrounded by spectacular mountains, phenomenal  fishing, well groomed atv and snowmobile trails, and some of the most incredible views in New England. The towns around the lake are peaceful and quaint.  The waterfront properties around East Grand Lake provide the opportunity for a vacation retreat as well as substantial rental income, many of which are very under valued. On any given Sunday, you can look in the real estate listings for lakefront property in other areas of the northeast & be shocked by what you see for prices for homes with acreage not any bigger than a ‘postage stamp’.  The East Grand Lake area is also a well-known destination for RV & camping visitors looking for less-crowded open spaces, as well as for deer, moose, & bear hunting.  Maine holds a ‘lottery’ each year for residents and non-residents to hunt moose, designed to keep the population at manageable levels.  Hunting is a tradition that families have been carrying on for generations, young and old alike; partake in this yearly event, which is a major draw for out-of-state hunters.  Of course, boating on East Grand Lake is one of the major draws to this area.  The lake boasts 24 different species of fish, and 14,000 acres of clean, clear, pristine water; & fishing from your own boat or taking a fishing tour is one of the many ways to enjoy the lake. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, riding on a jet ski & water skiing; are also very popular.  The Lake has several family-oriented campgrounds, and summer camps that hold events such as; canoe races & sailing regattas; and the surrounding towns hold summer & winter fairs and festivals; celebrating everything from ‘fiddlehead’ season (a local indigenous fern that most people say tastes like asparagus); Arts & Craft’ fairs, Potato Harvest’, to Ice Fishing Derbies.

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