Official Maine Snowmobile Trail Conditions

The Official Maine Snowmobile Trail Conditions are provided to the public, courtesy of the members of the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA).

Winter continues with a good dumping of snow inland and north. (View snowfall and snow depth maps, linked in left column). Reports of some excellent trail conditions in many areas. Another riding weekend – be safe and have a great time, everyone.
If you’re enjoying the groomed trails and haven’t bought your 2013-14 season MSA Club membership yet, now’s a good time, and your support would be welcome by the clubs and the association. Ride safely and courteously, and have fun. is currently in the process of contacting the MSA (Maine Snowmobile Association to try to have them include these areas in their report. wants to provide our visitors with up-to-date & accurate trail reports, that will help them plan a safe and fun snowmobile ride whether riding right around the East Grand area or beyond. As often as possible, we will bring you trail reports from established, experienced and expert sources that have been providing this service. We recognize that getting updated, reliable & more-detailed trail information for our area has sometimes been difficult and hard to find, and we feel that relying on our local snowmobile clubs, as well as experienced and knowledgeable riders who know these trails well; in addition to the media sources such as state of Maine related internet sites.


Here is the Official MSA (Maine Snowmobile Association) Trail Conditions Report for
March 14,2014.



Frenchville:3/14: Frenchville SC reports “New snow is all groomed…sleds won’t be climbing road snowbanks over here! Enjoy the beautiful day!!!”

Madawaska-St John River Valley:3/13:”A good foot plus and still coming down in MADAWASKA. …. we are SHOVELING….. then RIDING FIRST TRACKS….” – Mike Cyr,

Benedicta:3/12: “Hey Gang, All Snowgang trails are still “flat and fast” as we wait for the 12-20″ storm today into Thursday. Grooming will begin again as soon as the storm is done, and we should have riding right into April. Ride safe and to the right.” – Jim Splan, Reporter at Large. Benedicta Snowgang

Aroostook County:3/12: Caribou Rec reports : “ITS 85 Portage has tweeked their reroute and knocked off some mileage. It is marked so watch for signs. Watch for a bit of logging on 81/85 on the Ox Bow end. Beyond that this trail has clear sailing. NEW, The Homestead Lodge in Ox Bow now has gas during daylight hours. Still meeting up with folks who are still looking in old places for trails so remember both Ashland and Portage had major reroutes this year so you will need to pay attention to signage.
ITS 83 Another trail that has had some major reroutes in places so watch for signage at intersections. Mars Hill has the reroute very well marked between Bridgewater and Mars Hill. Remember 81 and 83 run together for a while.
ITS 81 There are a few hiccups on this one but overall most projects have been grooming this very well this winter, on the Madawaska/Grand Isle end the trail is awesome along with Ft Fairfield, Easton and Mars Hill but remember it ends at the Rt 105 intersection east of Squa Pan and IS NOT OPEN FROM RT 105 TO ITS 85
ITS 92 This trail has been great all winter and if you are looking for a loop remember Rt 92A is open to ITS 85. Also a nice loop to Glazier Lake is great for a hot dog roast ride! ITS 90 No problems here, groomed all the way through from Portage to Ft Fairfield, and if you are out and about stop by the MSA Directors meeting Saturday at the Ft Fairfield Clubhouse starting at 5 p.m.
ITS 88 Great ride, good shape and it provides an east west alternative since 81 is closed between 105 and 85.
ITS 86 Great ride out of Houlton or Ox Bow, Also 71-D is groomed on the Ox Bow end. And remember the Homestead Lodge in Ox Bow now has gas during daylight hours ITS 105 Good riding on all sections, remember you can’t go west on ITS 81 at the intersection east of Squa Pan so keep that in mind when planning
ITS 120 Really nice riding off ITS 85. Go left at the ITS 92 intersection on to Allagash and Dickey and try the Glazier Lake Loop
Rt 100 Coming from Caswell there are two branches of this trail one goes north out of Caswell and one goes west. They both intersect Rt 89 one closer to Rt 94 and the other closer to the Madawaska River, watch for markings and on the one that goes west further south of Caswell there is a very active logging operation so use caution.
Rt 89 Groomed north to Rt 94. Like many trails this is a tight windy trail so please use caution, starting to notice some sled parts ! PLEASE NOTE that Rt 100 now intersects Rt 89 in two locations so watch for signs.
Rt 94 I love this trail, open and groomed great ride between ITS 81 and Rt 105.
Rt 79 to Long Lake off ITS 105 is groomed and remember Rt 96 veers off 79 and rejoins ITS 81 or you can brave the lake ride for those wanting to access the St John Valley and local eateries via Long Lake
Rts 73, 73B, 73C, 96 All groomed but again you have some windy sections so use caution and please ride right.”

Mars Hill:3/7: “Mars Hill: NOTICE: ITS 83 is going to have a MAJOR DETOUR this season due to a logging operation in Bridgewater. Snowmobilers are going to have to plan accordingly as this detour will add at least 12 extra miles and up to 19 extra miles one way to your north or south trip depending on your travel plans. First of all, people need to understand that we did our best to find a shorter detour route, but due to late notification by the land owner we had very few options.
There is no chance that we will use the closed portion of trail in Bridgewater this year at all. The logging operation has continued longer than first thought. The plowed section of trail is bare dirt at this point with some icy sections.
Now the details of the DETOUR: Snowmobilers will have to utilize the #9 Lake Trail, Rte 70A, and ITS 81 (old Rte 83A on most maps) to get around the closed section of ITS 83 in Bridgewater. There will be signs to give you guidance. The most important thing to remember is the extra miles ( 12 extra miles minimum / 19 extra miles possible ) for fuel use. Snowmobilers will also have plan for the extra time to travel these extra slower speed trail miles as well. Also as fair warning- the closed portion of trail will be marked as such and those caught by Law Enforcement using the plowed portion could face prosecution.
ITS 83 North from Monticello and out the detour route via the #9 Lake trail and Rte 70A are holding up and staying in good condition.
ITS 81 north Mars Hill to Easton is in good condition.
ITS 83 north from Mars Hill to Presque Isle in good condition.
ITS 81 from Mars Hill to Walker Siding’s trail is in good condition.
Remember that with warmer temps comes ever changing trail conditions. Snowmobilers need to use CAUTION in the days ahead as the temperatures start going up and the days get longer. ” – John Bailey Central Aroostook SC

Macwahoc:3/6: “One word- WOW!!! The trails are the best I have ever seen in March, No water issues, groomed surfaces are wide hard and flat.
All trails groomed on 3-5-2014.
ITS#110 could not be better.
Trail #1 north is excellent- Snow bank on plowed road section in Haynesville has been groomed down to a full groomer width, all snow all the way.
Trail#3 is excellent- watch out for the moose
Trail#2 to Lee is excellent.
Trails are wide, flat and fast but use caution. Deer and Moose are using the trials more now then they have all winter. STAY RIGHT, AND ENJOY THE RIDE.”- Jody Moulton Eastern Maine Snow Riders

Note from David Stevens, MSA Executive VP:2/21:”There is now gas available during daylight hours at Homestead Lodge in Oxbow. Otherwise there is a lengthy distance between fuel stops.”



Katahdin Region-JoMary trails :3/15: “Last night, March 14th, the Jo Mary Riders groomed the following trails:
Parkway trail, Scenic Loop, 109 to 111 X-over, Fire Tower trail, Suspension Bridge trail. We will groom B Pond to the 110 Connector tonight.” – Rick LeVasseur, Jo Mary Riders SC

Katahdin Region: 3/14: “Last night the Twin Pines Snowmobile Club – groomed Millinocket Downtown trails, The 109 Connector to North Twin Lake, ITS 86/The Pole Line to Millinocket Lake and Baxter State Park, The Grant Brook Road. We started on the Wild Kingdom Trail needs more work and we will complete that today. Tonight we are grooming the entire system including The Stacyville Road to Whetstone; The Stratton trail and Logan Pond Trail.
East Millinocket Sno-Rovers -Groomed the local East Millinocket Town Trails and Broke trail North to Whetstone and on110 to Mattawamkeag. Tonight (Friday) they will do south to Endless Lake, and to South Twin.” – New England Outdoor Center trail report or here:

Bowlin-Matagamon-Shin Pond Area SC:3/14: ” What a beautiful morning! We have SNOW SNOW and more SNOW! 20-22 inches! ITS114/85S Shin Pond to Whetstone groomed last night with excellent riding, ITS85S to Matagamon and to 71D and groomed with perfect conditions! ITS85S Matagamon to Bowlin being groomed this morning, Club trail 64 being groomed this morning!
So what more could you ask for, Load the sleds and head North this weekend for some great March riding with wonderful snow depths. NOTE: Libbys Camp will close for the season after Saturday March 15th so stop by and visit Jess and Matt! Matagamon Camps, Shin Pond Village, Mt. Chase Lodge and Bowlin Camps will continue to be open throughout the month of March so we hope to see you soon. As always feel free to call or email me anytime at 528-2900 or [email protected] Check out the live webcam at

Ebeemee Twp:3/6 : Ebeemee Snowmobile Club reports “Conditions remain excellent. All of our local trails remain in great shape. The Jo Mary trails are awesome. Speaking of which, Phil Grass from Jo Mary groomed Al’s Alley this week with the big groomer (br250). Wow, what a great job. The ESC extends our thanks to Phil and Rick for their help and all of their great work. Get out and ride while the riding is this good. Be safe.” – Darrell



North East Carry:3/14: “The North East Carry Trails have been groomed. Lots of drifting going on so I don’t expect the trails to look to good tomorrow. The phantom really had to work to get thru 18 inches of fresh snow but it proved it was up to doing the job. There were a few ice fishermen that tried to fish but gave it up. Snow too deep, wind was brutal and snow drifting. There were a few brave sledders, but not many. Ride safe, stay safe.

Rockwood:3/12: The Birches Resort reports “Great snow base now. Big Snow today and tonight 12 to 20 inches predicted. All trails will be groomed Thursday night. The lake is awesome riding too. Riders are reporting excellent riding in the Rockwood area.
The lake is frozen and marked across to Mt Kineo.
We are fully opened so come on up. Ice fishing is excellent with more than 18 inches of good ice
Gas is available now. We just filled up with gas. Lots of food too.
The Birches has three groomers (Tucker Sno Cats) one of which is brand new. This will assure no interruptions in grooming ,making your riding experience at The Birches the best that it can be.
The Birches cabins are always opened.
Rockwood now has five groomers.”

Greenville:3/11: Moosehead Riders SC reports “We are happy to report that ITS 86 to the intersection of ITS 88 is in very good condition. ITS 85 South to Blanchard also is in very good condition. The 110 Connector trail is in good condition. Please be careful on ITS 85 North, approximately 4 miles north of Greenville, where there is active logging and one mile of a plowed road. This route is avoidable by connecting to 110 and B Pond trail to loop back to Kokadjo.
After this week’s anticipated snow storm we will be out packing the snow down. Greenville is projected to get over 12 inches of fresh snow. Today we received 2 inches of snow fall. We currently have the best conditions for riding that we have had all season.
Ride safe, ride right and stay tuned to detailed trail reports after our storm tomorrow into Thursday hits. This weekend is going to be great for riders!” Local info also found on Moosehead Riders Facebook page

Rockwood:3/11:Blue Ridge Riders snowmobile club Facebook page reports “Rockwood groomers will be out again Tuesday night in full force to flatten out the base one last time before the big dumping. We will be out again on Thursday to keep up with the blowing and drifting. If you have been waiting all season for a big powder ride, your wait is over!!!!!!”

Historic Pittston Farm:3/7: “Our snowmobile trails are in excellent condition throughout our system. The weather has continued being cold all week and our grooming operations continue tonight. I wonder who will be the first person here tomorrow on the freshly groomed trail? We have had many snowmobilers in throughout the week and many are travelling through from lodge to lodge enjoying this great season of fun with snow here in Maine.
Our trails are well marked throughout our system. Please enjoy the new loop trail just off the Jackman trail that we opened a few weeks ago. The Carry Brook Trail is not open as it has been plowed on the Rockwood end.
We have gas, food and lodging for your snowmobiling needs. Stay safe on the trails, wear your helmet and drive defensively ALWAYS, you never know who might be around the corner coming at you. 207-280-0000. ” – Jenny, Historic Pittston Farm

Kokadjo:3/6 :Kokadjo Roach Riders report “Trail conditions are “AWESOME”! We are grooming all trails regularly. The riding does not get any better than this, come on up and enjoy!!!” View reports of individual trails at web site linked above.



Solon:3/15: Solon Snow Hawks report “All trails have been groomed after 18″+ of snow this week! A big thanks to all our volunteers that work many hours day and night to get the trails into shape! Please support area clubs with trail fund cans as it looks like we are in for a late spring! Ride safe ” – SSH

The Forks:3/14 “We got one groomer out of the woods during the storm on Wednesday night. Fixed it in the shop on Thursday morning. It went out busting open trail Thursday afternoon and evening. The second machine is still having the rear end rebuilt. It is scheduled to be ready to groom on Saturday night. Because of the severity of the storm, and the fact that we have one groomer still down, we will be focusing on grooming only the ITS trails and the Kennebec River Trail on Friday. For Saturday night, if things go well and we have our second groomer running, we will redo the ITS trails and try to do the Bald Mountain Trail as well. We’ ll have to see how it goes.
ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM Will be groomed Friday night. Spur trail up to Moxie Mountain Lookout is not groomed.
CARATUNK SPUR TRAIL Open but not groomed.
BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL Open but not groomed.
BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL Open but not groomed.
PLEASANT POND TRAIL Open but not groomed.
For day riders, there’ s a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is very large, well-plowed and will accommodate large trailers. The entrance to the lot is ¼ mile south of Northern Outdoors. It is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Groomed access to all trails. Trail maps, 91 octane gas, food are available at NO.” – Jim Yearwood, Northern Outdoors SC, Northern Outdoors, Northern Outdoors on Facebook

Jackman:3/13:Border Riders Sportsman Club reports “Over 12″ of new snow last night, the groomers will go out tonight. Riding should be very good. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ” View reports on individual trails at website linked above

Jackman:3/13: Bishop’s Motel reports “Received over a foot of new snow and it’s still snowing!Ê RIDE BABY RIDEÊ
CLUB TRAIL: very good

West Forks, Parlin Pond:3/12: Coburn Summit Riders report “It looks like this season is going to go out strong. With a great base and a possible 163 -243 on the way, conditions should be phenomenal for the rest of March.
We will have 3 groomers out during the day tomorrow and again on Friday night getting trails set for the weekend.
I will post another report on Friday with up to date conditions for each trail. Enjoy the storm!”

Jackman-Moose River:3/11: Jackman Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce web site reports “Riders from Sunday have said that the trails were awesome even after the crowds left. With this next storm of a possible 10-20 inches, your riding opportunities in the Jackman region are going to be fantastic for weeks to come! Yep, we still get the snow last! And the best trail riding in Maine.” View trail by trail report at web site linked above.

Madison:2/25: Abnaki Sno-Riders report “ITS 87 North and South has been groomed. Trails are in pretty good condition considering how hard the snow is.”

Anson-North Anson:2/24: “The Anson-North Anson Snowmobile Club today as cooler weather came we are out grooming. Groomed to Starks then to New Portland and tonight the railbed to Solon. Trails should be back in great shape tonight for your riding pleasure tomorrow. Please remember to Ride Right and Ride Safely!”-Ken Ingalls president, Anson N Anson SC

Solon:2/20:Breezy Acres Camps reports “We have lots of snow and the trails are all groomed! With more snow in the forecast for the next couple of days we are in great shape for riding. Please ride safe and respect the landowners property.”

Bingham: : Gateway Recreation & Lodging



Plymouth:3/16:Endless Season Riders report “Well… after a few week break we have finally got back on the snow. We worked hard to keep the trails in top notch condition through school vacation week then a little warm weather and rain shut us down. Fortunately the trails were flat and the base stayed in place. The BIG storm last week dumped plenty of snow on us but also brought the limbs and Birches down much like the January Ice Storm. It finally warmed up enough yesterday to drop the snow off the trees and then it started raining. Luckily the temps dropped overnight and the cold wind dried the snow out allowing us to head out early this morning. Ronnie headed out with the Sno-Cat and Scotty with the Skandic. We encountered several trees still down that needed to be cut out of the way and a lot of “face slappersÓ that we just had to leave in the interest of getting over the trails. We were fortunate to have some help getting the trails cleared and open, Cathy and Larry worked on the North end until they were soaked and frozen, and Alan worked the South end. Also Thanks to the riders that came along today and helped move trees we had sawed up in the trail. We saw Scotty fueling up at Plymouth Village Store this afternoon and you could tell he had a days work in. The trails are in pretty good shape so far, we have a little more work to do on the Southwest side of town but hope to have that done in the next couple of days. ” View complete report at web site linked above.

Dover-Foxcroft area riding: 3/8: “We rode club trails today. My helmet is off to all of you people that work these small club trails. What a great ride. I also thought of the hundreds of landowners that allowed me to have a great ride on their land. Thanks to all that make this happen, you amaze me.” “- Maurice Marden, Piscataquis Valley SC

Guilford:2/25: “The warm up took a little of our snow pack, but we are still in great shape. All trails are being groomed again and all trails are good to great to excellent. The only bit of concern is that plowed sections have become a little boney and the trails are rock hard so studs or ice scratchers are advised. Other than that, trails are in awesome shape so get out there and ride!” – Jacob Vainio,Four Winds SC

Monson: 2/25 “The warm up has come and gone and now we are back into the freezer for the time being. The trails held up great and are in good to excellent condition. The Blanchard trail will have some choppy sections for a while because the sled drags will have a hard time cutting the ice hard bumps, but all other trails held up awesome. The pole line is near perfection, the lake is flat and fast where the drags have been, and the North Trail Re-route is great as well. The normal North Trail is still open to the spring road lookout, but sleds are not allowed past that point. Get out there and enjoy the trails!” – Jacob VainioNarrow Gauge Riders Snowmobile Club

Corinna:2/16: Corundel Raiders SC report on their Facebook page “Cutting 4ft snow drifts on trail 9 today! Starting to get trails opened after the snow. Reports will be getting posted as they come in!”

NOTICE: Milo-Brownville:: Scott Ramsay, Director-state of Maine Snowmobile Program writes that ITS 83 from Milo Village (82 Jct) north to Lakeview is closed for awhile due to logging. Riders should be seeing detour signs on the trail which will funnel traffic onto 82 north to Brownville, across their Lakeville Trail and back to 83. “Just a little longer route to have a little more fun.”



Enfield:3/13: Cold Stream Sno-Riders report “We are going to do our best to get the main trails groomed before this weekend. If you head out before the groomer does, just watch out as some of those drifts are pretty deep!”

Bucksport:3/7:Family SC reports “Grooming has ceased but the base remains but is deteriorating every day with the sun. If you ride, keep in mind it’s spring riding conditions and use extreme caution, especially over the ice where it will likely turn to slush as temperatures rise. ”

Orrington:3/7: Orrington Trail Riders report “Grooming has ceased but the based is still there with some bare spots, rocks and stumps rearing their ugly heads here and there. We need more snow. If you venture out, use caution and take what you can get. 107 from the Richardson Tract to Bucksport is closed. It’s all dirt from resurfacing. Use trail 6 up the backside of the mountain. Alas, it looks like spring is here.”

>East Grand Lake area ITS Connector Trail 105 North/South – No Report. Trail #7 to Greenland Cove-No Report.

Click here to view the most recent Snowmobile Trail Report.

Springfield:See where the groomer has been
Quad County SC web site

TRAIL REROUTE: Lincoln:: “The Lincoln Snowhounds in Lincoln had to do a major re-route of ITS82 in Lincoln. For anyone coming into town on ITS82, the re-route added about 10 or 12 miles to the distance to get into town to get gas. We were shut off by a major land owner. The new trail now goes through Chester. We’d like to get the word out so anyone coming into town is aware of this.” – Rusty Stanley, President, Lincoln Snowhounds.



Beddington:3/13: ” We have received substantial snow. Snowmobiling will be good. ITS81 North and ITS84 North is currently being groomed and will be groomed again Saturday if necessary. ITS81 South to the Hatchery road and the TWP 22 Loop trail will be groomed Thursday or Friday.”- Reg Archer, Airline Riders SC

Calais:2/25: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page reports “ITS 84 from Bailey Hill to Monroe lake, where Grand Lake Stream picks up has been groomed and is great shape. There is a logging operation just starting at the end of the Pokey Road and the connector road to Route 1. Please Stay on the trail and not in the plowed road per the Landowners request. Thanks!!”

Cherryfield:2/20: Narraguagus SC web site reports “Last night they groomed the Sunrise Trail from Cherryfield to Washington Junction. Tonight they are grooming the trail from Cherryfield to Jonesboro. There has been a great snowcover especially out in the woods away from the wind. They have also been dragging up on ITS 81 for the past few days. There are a couple of wet spots that you will need to proceed through with caution. Remember this is a new trail this year and is just starting to show some places that need attention when it gets wet. Travel with caution and be safe. Thanks guys for all the great work !!!”

Downeast Sunrise Trail -View the Sunrise Trail web site:2/20: “Received 5 inches of new snow the night before last and 3 inches ofsnow last night. trail was groomed from Cherryfield to Hancock and is being groomed from cherryfield to Jonesboro tonight. Trail was groomed from jonesboro to machias on tuesday. No information is available at this time from Machias to Pembroke.”


Kingfield:3/13: Kingfield Sno-Wanderers Snowmobile Club reports “The guys are out today working on opening up the trails with all of this nice white gold. Trails #115 north and South, Allen’s Pinnacle and other trails will be groomed out in the next couple of days!! Come ride and enjoy the weekend on the trails! Parking at the Sled Shed !”

Eustis/Stratton:2/27: Arnold Trail SC reports:”Trails are all groomed up and looking great. Colder temps helped trails set up good and we’re looking at a great riding weekend. Steady grooming throughout the weekend so come up and enjoy while it lasts. ”



Roxbury/Byron:3/14: Slippery Sliders SC web site reports “We have two logging operations starting, on on 16 from Byron to Andover on the Garland Pond Road and L Hones road, Please go slow and give them the right of way.
The other is on 117 South of Byron, equipment will be crossing the trail in two places, please watch for signs and go slow and stop where the signs are posted.
There is lots of fresh snow on the trails, it will take time to pack and groom things out. 117 North of Byron Packed on Thursday
117 South of Byron was packed on Friday morning
16 to Roxbury Pond packed on Thursday night.
Connector trail to Rumford Black Bridge being packed today (Friday)
The trail to Carthage is closed for this season because of a connection problem on the Carthage end.
Parking at the Roxbury town office has been opened, please park to the left when entering, there is a fire truck in the back of the building that CAN NOT BE BLOCKED, so make sure you park out of the way and follow the groomed trail north along the road to connect to the trail north or south and go slow through the land owners back yard (ME) or the trail will be closed!!!”

Hebron:3/13: “ITS89 and secondary trails are still GREAT! About 8 inches of fresh snow fell after a bit of rain. Groomers have trails ready for riding once again. No troubles to report. These days are numbered so take advantage! If you missed riding due to poor condition in January March has more then made up for it. Trail Maps and FMI: The Storekeepers 207-966-2733. Ride Right!” -B. Francis, Bouncing Bogies SC

Rumford:3/13: Rumford Polar Bears report “3/13/14 – We got 14” from this latest storm. That’s a lot! It’ll take us a few days to get all the trails packed and smooth. Riders can help pack the trails by riding to the right.
3/11/14 – Trail 12 to the A&B Trail was groomed by Gene Knox and Bob Stickney.
3/11/14 – ITS 82 (west half) was groomed by Gene and Bob.

Andover:3/13: Andover Snow Valley Sno-Goers report “plenty of new snow 12 inches of it! plans are to groom for this weekend, now that we have made adjustments to our drag. it lost some parts.”

Bridgton:3/9: Bridgton Easy Riders report “All ITS trails were groomed Sat Night with pretty decent results. South Bridgton trail groomed as well. West Bridgton trail is much improved with the double grooming done on Friday night. All trail seem to be holding up well but are still extremely hard to groom the way we would prefer with the frozen base encountered from the rain a week ago. Get out and enjoy as there are only a couple weeks left.”

Naples:2/27::Muddy River Sno-Seekers report “I have been informed that if you are out running Long Lake, be extremely cautious. Fishermen have been plowing ‘roads’ out to their ice shacks creating very hazardous snowbanks for us. This one is around the Salmon Point area on the Rt 35 side of the lake and about 1/2 mile out. I’m sure there are others. -Scott”

Rangeley: 2/26 : Rangeley Lakes SC reports: “Welcome to the best riding of the season. Conditions are very good. The trails have firmed and we have an excellent base to groom. We have had a few snow squalls and we expect more over the next few days. There are still a few icy spots and corners. Slow down in corners.
Lakes have crusty snow drifts and bare ice in places. Use caution. Look out for a pressure ridge near Hunter Cove on Rangeley Lake
Be careful about getting off trail. The snow is very deep now and we are seeing lots of stuck riders and some impressive holes where sleds have been dug out.
Lake riding is never safe! If you are not experienced and comfortable with riding on lakes. Don’t do it! We have plenty of groomed trails to get between points. It may take a few extra minutes but it is infinitely better than taking a risk on the lakes. The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club has no trails on any lakes, ponds, rivers or streams.” – Steve Dudley. View the full report, including the condition of individual trails, at web site linked above.

Newry:: Windy Valleys SC

CENTRAL MAINE (Greater LA, Augusta, Waterville etc)

PUBLIC NOTICE – UNSAFE OPEN WATER – ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER – TURNER/GREENE AREA – Reed & Reed, Inc. will continue bridge construction on the Androscoggin River Bridge Replacement Project, between the towns of Turner and Greene, Maine. To accommodate construction they will have to maintain open water the entire width of the river for most of the winter months. It is important that no recreational vehicles attempt to get anywhere near the project due to the unsafe open water. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Reed & Reed’s Office at (207) 443-9747 or their Project Field Office at (207) 946-6000.

Winthrop:3/10: Hillandalers SC reports “Trails in Winthrop are groomed and flat. The East side of town all trails have 100% cover and are being groomed 2-3 times a week with the ASV Scout. The powerlines from Manchester to Marranacook Lake are 8-9 feet wide and great riding. The old Trolley line is also in great shape and groomed out to 6-7 feet wide. The West side of town is being maintained with our Blazer on tracks, a Skandic and a VK 540. All of which are out 2-3 times a week right now. Get out there and ride, these are the best trail conditions that Winthrop has had and we would love to see some more riders get to appreciate them. Don’t give up on the season yet!!” – Steve Groves, Trailmaster

Palermo:3/10: Palermo SC web site reports “Trails are all groomed as of Friday and in good to excellent condition. Those areas where the sun lays in are getting thin. All trails are open. Get out and enjoy!”

West Gardiner:3/7: Cobbosseecontee SC reports ” All trails recently groomed, flat and smooth with few bare spots. Line crews are still on powerline so use caution in those areas.”

Sidney: 2/26: “Some of the Trails have been groomed, as of the 25 Feb they are in good condition for the snow we have!! Hope to see you out riding!!!! We will be having a Bonfire/Trail ride on Mar 1, 6:00 to 9:00 pm if weather permits we will be starting at the clubhouse at around 6:00 to 6:30 for the ride through Sidney trails then the bonfire!!! Hope to see you there!! ” – Dicky Latno, Sidney Trail Riders Club

Belgrade:2/26: Belgrade Draggin Masters report “Trails are still looking great, get out and enjoy ”

Farmingdale:2/25: Notice: Trail 32 between the intersections of 27 and 29 is closed due to Cianbro/Irby installing power lines in this area. Do not ride on this trail Monday through Friday. 32C is also closed. Use the Detour listed below :
East bound from West Gardiner, follow 27 to 27 T, into Manchester,then connect to 29. West bound from Gardiner,follow 29 to Manchester to 27 T, or 27.
Despite the warm weather this weekend and a lot of traffic, the trails are holding up well. I groomed 27 this morning and it was in great shape. I will try to get to 29 tonight and tune that up some if the snow isn’t too soft.”- Bob Dill, Barnstormers SC.

Gardiner:2/20 : “All trails were groomed last night and they are in very good to excellent condition. With rain and warm temps in the forecast don’t know how long it will last. Ride them now.” – Brian Winchester, President, Gardiner Ridge Riders

Lewiston:: Hillside Family Riders



Cumberland/North Yarmouth:3/12: Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Facebook page reports “Based on 45 degrees yesterday and rain today, unless we get a foot of snow you can cue the fat lady. Stay off the trails please.”

Sanford-Springvale:3/9:Southern Maine Sno-Goers web site reports: “Expect well packed trails. The trail conditions should stay pretty much the same, GOOD into and beyond next weekend. Next chance of a decent snowfall mid to late week. A little snirt starting to show up at some road crossings.
NOTE: One groomer still down for repairs with electrical issues. Groomer Repairs are expensive – Join our club to help offset these costs or DONATE.” For reports on individual trails, visit web site linked above.

Lyman:2/28: Lyman SC reports “”All Trails are open and being groomed. Please be respectful to land owners and stay on marked trails.
We also ask you to ride quiet on the trail from RT35 through to Davis Rd it is clearly marked, you can’t miss it.
Ride right ride safe!” – Trail Master Brian Dulong

Waterboro:2/14: Ossipee Mountaineers SC reports ” Waterboro was hit with a classic Noreaster last night. We received about 8-10 inches of new snow and more is expected for tomorrow. All of the Ossipee Mountaineers trail system was in great condition prior to the storm and this new snow should make it even better. Groom teams will be out this evening and all weekend (day and night) so please be on the lookout. Please remember to yield to the groomers, these trucks are 40 feet long and cannot get out of your way easily.
There is a Big Ice Fishing Derby going on at Ossipee Lake Sunday Feb.16th which will greatly increase the traffic on the trails in Waterboro. Please ride safe and watch for fellow riders.
Snack Shack at the clubhouse is open Saturday 15th- 10am to 2pm. Come on over and visit Rit and Brenda.
Ride Safe, Ride Right, and Ride Smart! See you on the trails!”- Leo Binette, Vice President- OMSC



3/16: “Hats off to the County clubs!!!! Trails were great!!!!! you have so much snow you will be riding for a long time!!!! Thank you” – David Watson, MSA Coastal Regional VP

3/12: “Did some early March riding on the trails around Byron and Roxbury over to Rumford and Mexico and KUDOS to Slippery Sliders, Rumford Polar Bears, and the Mexico club for some truly fantastic trails and riding. Had some company from out of town and they could not believe the trail conditions – simply perfect! Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who assist in keeping these busy trails mint!” – Dave Ross, Weld Winter Wildcats

3/5: “After several years of little to no snow it has been fantastic to get out and do some local riding on the trails in Waldo and Penobscot County. This past weekend my brother in law (who actually drives up from Connecticut every weekend since he loves the trails in Maine so much), friend and his son were able to ride from Jackson to Hermon to have lunch at Dysarts.
I can honestly say the trails all the way were fantastic, smooth and flat and very well signed all the way from Jackson, Dixmont and up into Stetson and over to Hermon… we must have ridden on trails maintained by anywhere from four to six (clubs) and every mile was great … in truth it made it hard to tell sometimes when one club stopped grooming and where another began since the trails were so good.
…due to a sled breakdown we ended up nixing that plan and headed towards Newport … Once again the trails were well signed and groomed …Pittsfield who also had nicely groomed trails, Unity and Thorndike (things were a bit rougher towards the end, but there also was a lot less snow.) Despite the breakdown, we had a great ride and a good day mainly due to the fact that these trails were the best I’ve seen in a very long time not to mention great signs which pretty much kept us on course. Thanks to all the groomers of those clubs!” -J. Johnson Unity, ME


On The Social Side:

  • Meduxneakeag Ramblers Breakfast Saturdays 6-9 a.m. at the clubhouse
  • Washburn Trailrunners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7 a.m.-3p.m. Sunday 7 a.m.- noon at the clubhouse
  • Presque Isle Snowmobile Club Stew Nights Fridays 5-7 p.m. at the clubhouse
  • St Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals Starting January 11th…home cooked meals……stop by off ITS 92
  • January 25 & 26 Long Lake Fishing Derby..7 lakes and $12500 in prizes !!!
  • January 26 Pleasant Ridge Riders Breakfast at Caswell Clubhouse 7-11 a.m. Limestone Club breakfast at the clubhouse 7-10 a.m.
  • February 8-9 Caribou Downtown Ski Festival
  • February 8 10th Annual Andy Santarre Sno-Run call 207-498-6431 for more info
  • February 8 Fort Kent SnoRiders Steak/Chicken Supper 4-8 p.m. Lonesome Pine Ski Lodge off ITS 85 Steak $18/ Chicken $15/ Kids 10 and under $10
  • February 15 Caribou Snowmobile Club Hot Dog Roast ITS 105 Stockholm starting 10 a.m.
  • February 15 USCC Cross Country Racing Series accessable off ITS 85 between Ft Kent & Frenchville Racing starts at 9:30 a.m. and will run through late afternoon.
  • February 15 Portage Lakers Pie Auction 7 p.m. at Deans.
  • February 28-March 7 Youth/Junior World Championship Biathalon Nordic Heritage Ctr., Presque Isle


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